Beth Ditto @ Evans

Beth Ditto's second collection for Evans launches online and in some stores today!

I loved the first collection and snagged the domino print dress and stained glass window dress, so I was excited to see what else she had in store. The collection seems more cohesive than the previous one but I'm not sure I enjoy it as much. Maybe it's because the arrival of ASOS Curve means I have higher expectations or maybe I'm just cynical, but I'm not sure I'll be splurging on anything this time round!

Negative Nancy aside, these are my favourite picks:

I fell in love with the spotty dress when I picked up my copy of LOOK on Tuesday but after seeing it on Beth, who is a foot or so shorter than I, I'm thinking it may be indecently short! As I won't be able to see the collection firsthand, I'm looking forward to seeing Lauren and Em's changing room posts showcasing the items!

What's your favourite piece?

Beth Ditto @ Evans


  1. Last year was so much better. I am a bit disappointed.

  2. So I really like that red and black zig zag dress, the blk and white heart cardi and the floral leggings. but i think the biggest difference is color between the two collections.

  3. I guess I feel the same, I expected something a bit more colorful and different from the normal evans things.
    They have flower prints dresses and they have polka dot yes, after reading what she said about the victorian and 80tees and punk rock influence on this collection and just expected a lot more statement pieces that would just overcome all the plus sizes thing you can normally buy.

    But there are still some lovely thing I think I will buy!

  4. I like the black lightning dress and the polka dots but I expected something wilder.


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