Want Of The Week

Seen as though I enjoy seeing what other people are lusting after, I figured why the hell not throw my own wants out there!

ASOS Curve Bow Ponti Bandeau Dress

I love the shape, the bow and the exposed zipper on the back; I just wish it was in a more fun colour, like hot pink.


  1. I want the SHOES!

    me and strapless never work haa xxxx

  2. Cute dress! but I agree with you on the colour side of things. Is it just me or is a lot of stuff in the curve collection of a neutral pallet or dark colours. Nothing much on there every takes my fancy but this dress is actually lovely. The tulip detail at the bottom gives a nice edge to it.

  3. that is great! your right, it would be amazing in hot pink!

  4. I LOVE exposed zippers. That's definitely a cute dress girlfriend, you'd look amazing in it!

    xoxo Maria

  5. hot pink would be nice ... i like ure imagination! ;-)

  6. classic and sexy dress, def. a must have! :) a perfect little black dress! :D


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