Cycle Shorts

Featuring on several Spring/Summer runways, cycle shorts are set to be big this year. The likes of Topshop and ASOS are already on the ball but as usual plus size retailers seem to be lagging behind, so in order to work the trend, a little bit of creativity is needed! Although if like me, you fail miserably at DIY projects then this is the perfect trend to make work for you. Not only can they look good on their own but they're perfect for under short dresses and a fashionable alternative to avoiding chubrub ;)

After seeing these on the Topshop website, I had to have a pair but as is my luck they sold out almost instantly and I can't find them instore. Luckily H&M have the exact same pair for a fraction of the price (£2.99 rather than £10) so I grabbed a pair today.

H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams has a range of cycle shorts. They start at £8 and go up to a UK18. Next time I'm in town I may try on a pair to see how they fit.

Other styles I found:
Top 4 can be found at, bottom/centre left can be found here and the last pair are from American Apparel.

Will you be wearing cycle shorts this summer?


  1. I read that these were coming back!

    Will you post an outfit?

  2. i love them! i'm totally wearing them this summer. i really want a pair of mesh ones, i think i'll have to get them from etsy b/c i have yet to see them in plus sizes.

  3. I'm not so sure about this trend...I guess I'll wait to see your OOTD to make my final verdict :)

  4. You could probably hem a pair of leggings to make your own pretty easily I think. I'm considering giving it a go but I'm not 100% convinced yet.

  5. pmsl chubrub! .. that's the only use for cycle shorts in my wardrobe this is defo one trend im gunna miss! my chubb stick leggs just cannot pull this off , but u my loverly have stunning legs and i know u can pull this off and i cannot wait to see ;-)

  6. I think I prefer the textured ones the best. I don't think I can pull them off though, they'd just further show how I have no butt :( lol.

    xoxo Maria

  7. Omg, I want cycle shorts badly, they were sold out at the HM I visited before. anyway, my thought is to wear them under skirt/dresses, so you only see a little bit of the edge or lace under it, just like you're saying! so smart...your thighs wont rub and not hurt...I hate that can ruin a nice summer day.

  8. oh I dunno about this trend, I don't think I could pull it off. But I saw an OOTD on Jennifer's blog, I think she wore them the floral leggings? It looked damn cute.. maybe I'll try it. Post an OOTD already to convince everyone!

  9. I cant believe this look is coming back i defo wont be trying this out again lol i dont have the legs for it :)

  10. this reminds me of my childhood... i was wearing these cycle shorts when me and my fam were on vaca in NYC... I tell you, I destroyed almost every picture... haha

    let's say MAYBE I try, but first I have to find a pair... :P

  11. Luv it! I'm starting to see many lace ones.

    Check out the blog!


  12. oh my... still can't quite believe these will be in fashion
    my mum wears them round the house!
    i will blatently end up wearing them though
    and thank god it gives me an excuse to not get chafing when it gets really hot!

  13. I wore these all last summer and they never really did it for me. I think when you look at pictures of your childhood and see them on your six-year-old self, it has a weird effect ;P .

    I do love those American Apparel shorts, though. Lord knows I never fit into anything there! Haha.

    Regardless of all that, I like this trend. It's a free and easy look!
    Nice post,

  14. Great post, I was just thinking about getting some to work out in during the summer - but they look nice fashion wise as well. Really like the American Apparel ones :)

  15. I was just looking for some lace biker shorts the other day. We're always on the same page! I was actually looking for a lace slip with some little shorts possibly attached inside but alas, I found nothing except for biker shorts. I may have to run into an H&M and see if they have some here in the states!


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