H&M Bargain!

I've seen this t-shirt on so many blogs and after seeing that it was selling for $5.99, I knew I had to get my hands on it! Luckily for me there were two left in the shop and they were selling for £2.99. Now I'm not going to sit and work out exchange rates but a t-shirt for £3 is bargainous enough for me! It doesn't fit on me the way I assume it's meant to be worn but I love the light material, flowy sleeves and asymmetric hem, it's the perfect summer T. I just wish I'd gotten to H&M in time to grab some in the other colours! If you haven't already go out and grab one ;)

I was slightly disappointed when raiding the New Look sale until, I came across this (sorry for the awful picture!). I am a blazer fanatic, contrary to what my wardrobe shows, so coming across blazers that fit and are reasonably priced is always good. That is, until I found out it wasn't in the sale...on the plus side(unintentional pun haha) I had a 20% off voucher so went ahead and got it anyway! Anyone else more successful?

I was going somewhere with this but I'm so tired that I've forgotten what it was. Moving on, I'm going to Leeds tomorrow until Thursday night so, unless I can squeeze a post in tomorrow morning, I'll see you all at the end of the week!

Have a good 'un :)


  1. The H&M top is really cute. And so cheap, thats a great deal!

    I like your new header! <3

  2. oohh i got the blue version of the red top! lol ... i raided the new look sale and bought a waterfall black jacket ! only 12 ... I love the boyfriend blazers but i think they make me look like a man or all butch ;-(

  3. I have that top in the black and white stripe but didn't see the pink one! Sooo cute! Can't wait for an outfit post with it! :D

  4. Love it and that's a great deal! :)

  5. I have that shirt in the same color! I got the biggest size and it ended up looking like a dress...oh well...I just belt it up and I'm good to go LOL!

  6. I have the blazer! I also own most new look stock ha. Have fun in my home town! Say hi to it for me :P xxx

  7. i just bought the H&M top in grey and white. despite the baggy shape its so flattering and very comfortable. i snapped it up considering the cheap price and had enough money for a gorgeous ring aswell :) love your blog! xxxxx


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