Changing Room Ups & Downs

I'm unsure whether it's due to the influence of seeing changing room pictures on blogs, or because my Nana always insists upon it, but I've gotten into the habit of trying things on rather than just grabbing and going and it's really helping get an idea of what works and what really doesn't.

Take for example this dress:
I saw it on the New Look website and had to have it. It may not have been in a cute floral print like I'd seen in Topshop but it was a skater dress and perfect for what I had in mind. What I didn't count on was it looking this awful on. The scoop neck and back meant that it didn't sit right on my shoulders, the stretchy material highlighted every bump and the waist is so high it draped in all the wrong places.

Then there's this dress:
I saw it online and immediately thought how cute but I doubted the shape would look nice on me. I saw it in store, noticed it has pockets and fell in love so I decided to try it on and I still loved it. Which is probably why I'm kicking myself for not getting it! Next time I'm in New Look, this will be mine.

and I'm going to say that this qualifies as completing the Pretty in Plus challenge I agreed to do! Even though my arms are easily the part I hate the most about myself, it wasn't as hard as I thought. Check it out and give it a go?


  1. Well done Stephanie on doing the challenge!!! My arms are my least favourite thing about myself too (in fact I'm honestly quite jealous of your arms, I wish mine looked so nice sleeveless). But now you've done it there's really no way I can weasel my way out is there? hah!

    I am also a huge fan of pockets on dresses!

    Also, it's so weird that I JUST posted some changing room pics on my blog too!

  2. yaaayyyy I LOVE THIS FLORAL DRESS and you look sooo cute wearing it! you should def get it!

  3. that floral dress is too cute! and for me pockets are always the deal MAKER lolz... ur so the total opposite of me... i can't stand buying clothes online because i HAVE to kno how they fit first :/ lolz

  4. Hot damn - I love that second dress. You look beautiful! I wish you would have got it to :) . I think the shape fits great for your body.

    Also, I hated my arms for awhile. If I have any say, I think you have great arms. That's definitely a plus size challenge I am passionate about! The right to bear arms :) .

  5. I know exactly what you mean. I always get a vision in my head about this perfect outfit and then try it on and it looks horrible on me. I hate that! I love that floral dress on you! Adorable :)

  6. Love the second dress - that ditzy floral print is stunning! Definitely go back and get it immediately. :)

    I'm terrible for not trying things on, especially in busy shops like Primark and Topshop. I prefer to try on at home and return if needed.

  7. Love the floral dress on you! I just posted an OOTD on my blog with the same dress, so I might be a little biased! :P But you should definately go back & get it!

  8. Buy the New Look Floral dress, it looks just amazing. The cut is beautiful on your body too. Great choice. x.

  9. The grey. I hate trying stuff on in the store. I only do it unless I REALLY have to.

  10. you look gret :D


  11. Love the last dress - you have to buy it. Your arms look fine, don't worry! And I just wanted to say that I love the name of your blog. It's so cute!


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