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I started this blog as a place to showcase my style in order to develop and improve it and yet it's been so long since I've done an outfit post! Even though the weather is still awful, I'll suck it up and try and dress like less of a bundled up heap and more like a normal person in order to do one ;D

I've been buying bits and bobs recently in an attempt to fill out my wardrobe and I've just ordered a couple of basics from ASOS as well, so I'll tell you how that goes. So far apart from the blazer (which I adore but realistically can't afford) nothing from the range has really grabbed me as something I really want; so, I'm saving the splurge in the hopes that more exciting things (like a playsuit or dungarees!?) are coming in stock. I've heard nothing but good things though so I'm hoping they fit well and do the job!

Whilst tagging along to do the weekly shop I picked up a few things in Tesco too:

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and here's to hoping it's a good week.


  1. Ooh, I like that plaid shirt! I'm a total sucker for purple, lol! That last shirt is hotttt too! :)

  2. No way - those clothes are Tesco? I love it all especially the shirt! x

  3. OMG! :D love the items! esp. the skirts and the striped!

  4. @ Victoria - I was really surprised with the new stuff they had in! Some really cute dresses, denim and florals

  5. goodness im so jealous of you UK peeps ... you have the best plus size clothing! loving the skirts and the striped tee!

  6. I love Tesco clothes, Asda also have some really pretty things in this season.
    I so want those skirts, but I *think* they only go up to an 18, well, that's the only size I have seen in stores!
    Lovely items, look forward to the OOTDs!

  7. The shirt ands skirts! I likeee.
    Also I can't remember if I replied to your headband comment but lmao you cracked me up (it was early morning too!) haha gosh after allllll that it fails and breaks on you. tsk tsk where was it from? xx

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  9. You've been doing some good shopping! I'm so jealous LOL! Can't wanit to see how you pair these items together:D

    Gabi from hungry for fashion

  10. I love everything here! so cute, you have amazing taste

  11. @ Katkins1982 - The skirts do only go up to an 18 but they're stretchy so I 'made it work'!


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