OOTD: Rain, Rain Go Away

I apologise for the lack of posts! I've been ill these past few days and being on the computer was giving me a migraine. I have been trying to keep up with blogs on my iPhone though. On the other hand, being ill does have its perks as I've managed to watched the whole season of Glee and I love it! Amongst other members of the cast I think Amber Riley is one of my new favourite people, I love her character Mercedes and her tweets are usually tres amusing, not to mention she's gorgeous. As the weather here is still horrifically freezing, and keeps alternating between rain and snow, I've been looking a hot mess! (as you can see) ;) Hopefully by next week I'll be looking less disastrous.

I hope everyone's having a good weekend :)


  1. I'm looking to see where you look "disastrous" hmm... *looks harder* you're much too cute to ever be a disaster! Gotta love unpredictable weather. The one thing my roomie did right was introduce me to Glee, I do love it! And the character Mercedes is probably my favorite mostly because they don't make her weight an issue or topic of the show. She's just a normal girl and I like that.

  2. I hope you to fell better next week!!!
    I love your tights! ;-)

  3. Feel better steph. :)
    and I like your jacket!

  4. God the weather is sooo rubbish atm raining here in wales too ..How can we be fashionable covered in rainmacs!

  5. @ NikStar - Haha aww thank you! Yeah that's what I thought, I was waiting for the inevitable story line which brought it up but it didn't happen!

    @ Les Pitreries de Vanoue - Thank you :) they're the first pair of coloured tights I've worn and my little brother asked if I was trying to be a Smurf!

    @ Jennifer - Thank you, unfortunately I'm well enough to go to college tomorrow! Always the case ;D

    @ Jo - When isn't it raining in Wales? ;) I joke! Although I did go camping in Wales, put up the tent wrong and woke up to the whole thing flooded, the air beds were floating around lmao!

  6. trying to be a smurf! lmao haha so funny, your brother :D

    I def could not rock a raincoat like you, but besides that, i don't even have one... where's yours from?

  7. @ Lodi - So cheeky more like lmao ;D
    Haha aw well thank you! I'm sure you would look more fabulous than I though! It's from Dorothy Perkins but from the Tall section, to compensate for my ape-like arms!

  8. hush now! u dont have ape like arms ! wat are u like !

  9. ah, saw ur bog first time, and i know im late, but ,woow, that looks soo great!


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